I’m currently looking for an interesting short-term photography project within Aberdeenshire, especially one with a strong narrative to convey. Do you have a message you’d like presenting in pictures? Something you’d like to get across to a wider audience that photography will help you achieve? Whatever it is drop me a message below providing as much detail as possible on what you’d like covering and why you think photography would be a good medium to present it.

My time for this will be completely free, as will the finished photographs for use in a non-commercial capacity. So there’s absolutely no cost to you. All I ask in return is your time and dedication to see the project through to completion as well as handling any organisational requirements for shoots. The expected outcome is a series of images that will work well as a whole and produce a strong statement. This is a great opportunity for either an individual, organisation or charity to have professionally produced photographs to promote or bring awareness to a cause.

So what are you waiting for? Get those details in! I’ll review each submission individually and for those I feel a particular connection to and which I believe will translate well into photography I’ll be back in touch to discuss the finer points.

Note that as a working photographer, any requests that come in that look like someone just trying to get free photographs to promote either themselves or their business will be met with a frown, a shake of the head and most likely ignored… but you don’t need me to tell you that, do you? 🙂

Please be aware that this offer will not be available indefinitely, so the sooner you get your proposal in to me the better.